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J&J Gold and Pawn Shop – Spring Hill, FL

J&J Gold and Pawn Shop Spring Hill, FL

From cash loans and purchases to discounted merchandise, J&J GOLD and Pawn is among Spring Hill’s most trusted pawn shop. We focus on customer satisfaction and service first and we’re always discreet and confidential when assisting you in getting the cash or items you need– fast and secure.

To Pawn, or Not To Pawn?

If you are in need of money and do not want to part with your valuable heirlooms, consider making a pawn loan. If you choose just sell us your product for cash, just let us know up front. Often times there is a substantial distinction in rate between a pawn and a sale, since items that are sold do not need to be held for any length of time.

Pawn Shop Loans

We value your property and take great care of it. We are Certified Pawnbrokers by the State of Florida and fully insured so you’ll have no worries when needing a pawn loan from us.

Pawn loans are based upon collateral merchandise (scrap gold,jewelry, electronics, devices, etc.) utilized to guarantee the loan. This is a great way to get a hold of some cash fast for life’s unanticipated emergencies.
Your collateral is assessed based upon the age, condition and current market value of your item. This is need to determine and calculate the loan value. Gold and Jewelry is checked for it’s precious metal content material and diamonds are examined to determine color and clarity of the stones. Once the amount of a loan amount is agreed upon, we develop an agreement listing the collateral in detail, the loan amount, date of maturity and interest. After that, you receive cash instantly.

A pawn loan is for 60 days based on interest every 30 days. All pledged products are effectively labeled and tagged with the customer’s personal information and contract number to insure that products are kept secure and held for the customer. All precious jewelry is kept in properly identified bags and saved in a commercial jewelry safe. In case of an event we are totally insured to cover any and all pawned items.

You could get your loan at any time throughout the loan period by paying the amount borrowed plus the built up interest. All loans should be paid in cash or by credit or debit card. If for some reason you don’t have the enough to pay back the loan in full, you may keep the loan active by paying the interest each month.

We Buy GOLD!

If you have gold that you are considering selling, you need come to us first! We pay top dollar for gold always offering you a higher cash value than are competitors. If you have any old gold chains, rings or jewelry lying around we pay out in cash right on the spot!

We will not discuss your loan with member of the family or close friends as everything is 100% discreet and kept private. If you have any items you wish to sell or pawn give us a call today to find out if we are accepting what you have first. We’re not able to give you an exact estimate of the loan value of your property over the phone so you will need to come in to see us at our pawn shop in Spring Hill.

Once you pawn your items they are not shown to anyone and your loan continues to be confidential.

For more information about instant cash for, gold & precious jewelry sales, new and secondhand electronic devices, TV’s, videos game consoles and more call us or visit our Spring Hill FL location today.

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