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Gold DealerTrying to Determine the value of a piece of gold can be tricky thing. First, you must know the weight and the purity or karat of the precious metal. The price of gold is normally quoted in dollars per troy ounce. So, how much is your 10k, 14k or 18k gold chain worth to a gold dealer ?

For retail gold transactions, a gold dealer will weigh in troy ounces. Most coinage is predominantly based in troy ounces and the standard futures contract calls for delivery of 100 troy. The standard gold bar is specified as weighing 350 to 430 troy ounces, rather than the equivalent number of pounds. Still larger quantities of metal are often quoted in thousands and even millions of troy ounces – to maintain the ounce-based pricing.

Gold is one of the world’s most precious metals. It’s so soft and pliable that one ounce can actually be hammered into a sheet so thin that it could cover a 100 square feet or can be stretched into a 5 mile long wire. It is one of our rarest metals on earth, and since pure gold never rusts or corrodes, it’s one of the few metals on earth that will last for eternity.

As a financial investment, gold is probably the best since it is tangible and easily exchanged for cash. Gold is simple to hold, to offer, and to buy. Ownership of gold can take several types and can include gold bars, coins, chains and jewelry. The Gold Fixing of London releases the price of gold two times a day so the price of changes slightly each day.

Let Us Buy Your Gold

With the price of gold at an all time high NOW is this the best time to go to a gold dealer and put your gold up for sale!

It’s easier to sell your gold if you determine just how pure your gold is. This is a factor that accounts for the price we pay for your gold. The price of gold will change daily. Both the quality and the weight of gold makes them more valuable. As a gold dealer, we offer you the most cash based on the present market value of gold.

You could try to shop around for prices and sell your gold to other dealers on the area but we’re sure you come right back to us. We offer the highest value and best cash payout on gold you’ll find anywhere Spring Hill. This is why our customers keep coming back again and again to sell us their gold. We’re confident you’ll be happy to see that are prices on gold are much better than our competitors.

If you have gold that you are considering putting up for sale, you may want to consider selling it at J&J Gold and Pawn Store in Spring Hill, FL. We weigh your gold on premises and pay you cash same day based on the current market price!

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