Pawn Shop

Pawn ShopMany of us come to a point where extra income has to come from somewhere, so we sell or pawn something for money we need. Typically in this situation you enter the pawn shop with a sense of desperation and the pawnbroker knows it, and they take advantage of it. Avoiding this scenario is more than ideal since we’re in a tough spot, and there is compassionate gold and pawnbrokers out there. J&J Gold and Pawn Shop is just that, a compassionate family owned business who is looking to help neighbors out of tough spots, unlike others who are just looking for the quick buck.

Friends and Spring Hill, FL neighbors are who put us in business, and we owe it to them to maintain a reputation that built our business and make it possible for our family to make a living in the business. It all starts with trust and building relationships with loyal customers who repeatedly rely on us to practice fair business ethics, and give them the best deal that they will find. In business making multiple small profits are the cornerstone of keeping any good business afloat, and we do just that. We’re not out looking to double our profits on any individual customer like you might see on the television show “pawn stars”, we make deals that both parties leave happy.

Buying items is one way that we make deals with our customers. This requires the customer to bring in the item that they wish to sell to us, and if all goes well we will buy it. Everyone values their jewelry, electronics, and other goods differently, and that makes the buying process somewhat difficult in certain situations. We offer the highest market value that we can for your items and do everything we can to make a deal, and a high percentage of walk-in clientele take the offers that we make them.

Pawning an item is another way that we can deal with our customers so they get the money they need instantly. Bring us an item that has some value, and borrow money against the item. You’re able to come in at any time and get your item back when you bring back the borrowed money and slight interest. This is a very common occurrence in the pawn shop because a lot of people love their jewelry and precious heirlooms and wish to get them back as quickly as possible. We make that happen for our customers on a daily basis, and we offer fair market value on the item you wish to pawn.

We sell everything from electronics, tools, jewelry and more below market value. We price our items so they sell quickly to make room for more inventory, because in a pawn shop items in stock are constantly changing with the market and popularity of items changing often.

There is a ton of pawn shops and pawnbrokers in every city around America, some of them are good, and some of them are great. You don’t know a great pawn shop until you’ve visited one, and J&J Gold and Pawn Shop in Spring Hill, Florida offers everything that makes a visit an experience that you’ll remember in a positive way.

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